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Aggregate & Haulage Services  

Local - Nationwide
Specialised Modern Fleet
44 tonne GVW Artic Tippers
32 tonne GVW 8 Wheeler Tippers
7.5 tonne GVW Tippers & Hiabs
Professional Drivers

Competitive Prices
Loading & Weighing Facility

Haulage at BAGFORCE2

Based from our Harby Depot on the Leicestershire/Nottinghamshire border, We operate a small but modern fleet of 8 wheeler and articulated tipper vehicles.

Supplying Aggregate & Haulage Services we operate mainly within the areas of Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire , Northants & Cambridgeshire supplying not only from our depot but collecting also from a wide range of Sand, Gravel, Limestone & Granite Quarries within those areas.

We also hold a Waste Carriers Licence for Topsoil & Muckaway requirements.

Specialised Vehicles.  Our vehicles are equipped with automatic easy sheeting systems, on-board weighers , audio & visual reversing features for maximum efficiency & compliance. With lower sided aggregate ali bodies they are specialised in the supply of dry aggregates, thereby reducing any risk of cross contamination between loads.

All our drivers are trained professionals, fully equipped with all PPE; EPIC & Driver CPC qualified; they take a pride in working to the highest standards required to provide an outstanding & safe service to all our customers. With many years experience of driving LGV’s they are fully conversant in handling the vehicles to the utmost of their capacity.

Local delivery of smaller loads,  we also operate smaller 7.5 tonne vehicles, both with Tipping & Hiab off-load for Bulk Bags. As smaller vehicles with a maximum payload of 4 tonnes or 4 bags, they provide a more specialised & bespoke service where smaller quantities are required or access is limited, and they operate more locally within & around our depot. Supplying mainly within a 20 mile radius of the depot at LE14 they have proved to be a valuable asset in aggregate supply to both Trade & Public.


Whilst with the Bulk deliveries we can only advise an AM or PM delivery, the smaller vehicles, operating from the depot can be more time specific, offering a more personal service to ensure aggregates literally can be “delivered to your door.”

For larger quantities of Bulk Bags where delivery is required,  we have access to dedicated Sub-Contractor Fleets enabling us to offer further options best suited to our Customers requirements . Please contact the office in first instance to discuss your haulage requirements.

Competitive Pricing. Delivered prices will depend on the quantity required and using the vehicle and delivery method best suited to the customers individual requirements.

Outlined below a brief description of vehicles available for information purposes  however we strongly recommend contacting the office to discuss & confirm individual requirements prior to booking.

44 tonne GVW Artic Tipper  

Up to 30 tonnes capacity approximately.
Length 14.2m, Height 4m Height when tipping 11m
Specialised vehicle generally used on depot deliveries only as requires level & firm hardstanding & much larger turning circle.

32 tonne GVW 8 Wheeler Tipper

Up to 20 tonnes capacity approximately.
Length 9.8m, Width 3.2m Height 3.8mHeight of body- tipping 9m
Specialised vehicle generally used on site, agricultural & depot deliveries. Requires a minimum 4m gate for access and a large area for manoevering

7.5 tonne GVW Hiab

Supplying mainly within a 20 mile radius of the depot at LE14
Up to 4 Builders bags per load.
Length 6m, Width 2.71m, Height 2.74m
Specialised vehicle for delivery of individual or smaller quantities of Builders bags, or where access is limited. Bags are off-loaded using the on board Hiab crane, enabling bags to be offloaded over smaller fences, walls etc. Bags can be split on site at the customers request for ease if required. Empty bags are non-returnable.

7.5 tonne GVW Tipper

Supplying mainly within a 20 mile radius of the depot at LE14
Up to 4 tonnes capacity approximately.
Length 6m, Width 2.71m Height 2.62m
Specialised vehicle for loose delivery of smaller quantities & where access is limited. By using a splitter in the body, the load can be split into 2 separate materials of up to 2 tonnes per load.


Recycled aggregates are a great overall alternative to Virgin/ Quarried aggregates, not only are they more cost effective than Quarried aggregates they can be just as robust and practical as their quarried counterparts.
Recycled aggregates are quickly becoming the new thing for building sites to use providing a more sustainable future.  

Please note these are recycled products that have passed through a screening process to determine size only. We can take no responsibility for foreign objects that may be found within the materials. We woud not therefore recommend their use as a surface dressing.

Recycled Aggregates

– this is a clean dust free recycled aggregate primarily composed of Crushed bricks and Concrete, typically 40-70mm in size is ideal for drainage for larger soak aways, building up levels or back filling areas. This is an alternative to a 20/40mm Clean Granite or a 50mm Clean Limestone

– this is a recycled aggregate primarily composed of Crushed Bricks and Concrete typically 70mm down to Dust in size is ideal for capping off or as a general fill. This is an alternative to a type 1 Granite or a 50mm/75mm down Limestone.

We have loading and weighing facility to accommodate any size lorry or trailer collecting direct from our yard.

We also weigh & bag our own materials on site for those customers requiring Bulk “Builders,” Bags. [please note that for Health & Safety reasons, We will only bag into our own BAGFORCE bags]

We can also offer small 20kg bags on most products for collect customers only.


Unit 2, Kimberley,, Stathern Lane, HARBY
Leicester, LE14 4DA

Tel: 01949 869486
Mobile: 07713 073204


Field Farm,Charlton Rd,Nr Evenly.BRACKLEY
Northampton, NN13 5GH

Tel: 01280 703248
Mobile: 07720 537166