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Suppliers of Aggregates to the
Rail Industry
• Construction Industry
• Farming
• Landscaping
• Equestrian Landscaping 

** Please note that aggregates are natural products - We cannot therefore guarantee size and colour - Photographs are indicative only  **

Our staff are knowledgeable & experienced in all our products and happy to discuss your requirements.

We also offer a conversion service if you are unsure of quantities required. 

Both the Leicester and Brackley depots stock materials for wide range of applications and if you can not see what you are looking for on this website please feel free to contact either depot.


Equestrian Limestone Clean & Down

Our limestone is particularly suitable for use in gateways & tracks. Available in various sizes of clean aggregate & down to dust, It is a soft limestone, more suitable as it is less likely to puncture or damage an animals hooves. 

Used at the correct time of year, it can re-establish a firm footing in susceptible areas such as gateways & field shelters.   

Our 20 mm down Limestone is widely used in and around Leicestershire for cattle paths between adjoining fields. Laid & rolled it can provide a network of footpaths, providing a firm but animal friendly alternative to continued wear to existing grass areas which will inevitably turn to mud in the wetter months.  

Coarse Sand used for cattle bedding as an alternative to straw.

Available in Bulk & Small Quantities.

Coarse Silica Sand can be used for a variety of uses in Equestrian, Agricultural & General Construction use.

Complex for a BE track in Suffolk being constructed


10mm Pipe Bedding

20mm Pipe Bedding 

Blanketing Sand_1

Blanketing Sand_2

Rail Ballast


Type One Granite - Virgin material

6G Gabion


10mm Pea Gravel at BAGFORCE




Pea Gravel

Nene Valley
20mm Limestone Gravel Shingle at BAGFORCE


Rounded Pebbles


100-150mm Gabion 6G at BAGFORCE

20mm Stoneblower

100-150mm Gabion 6G






Crusher Run Scalpings

Granite Dust

Type 1 Granite


Postfix and OPC at BAGFORCE

Sharp Sand is suitable for:-


Block paving / slabbing

Topdressing lawns and sports fields


Sand is a natural product so colours may vary

Multicem® air-entrained cement

Multicem is a high performance, air-entrained, packed CEM II cement. Suitable for use in concrete, mortar, render and screed, it also provides improved workability and has an enhanced resistance to frost.

Applications: Multicem is designed specially to give the ease of spreading and water retention necessary for mortars, entraining air and contributing to superior plastic properties in concrete and enhanced durability to frost in hardened mortar and concrete.

Benefits: Incorporates a specially selected additive to entrain air

Offers improved workability

Enhanced durability to frost when hardened

A low CO2 cement

Declared Cr(VI) shelf life shown on bag

Pallet quantity

Product supplied in paper or plastic bag

Store in a dry place

Postfix® Concrete

Hanson Postfix is formulated to produce good quality concrete for setting all types of posts.

Applications: Fence posts | Gate posts | Pergolas | Garden lighting

Benefits: Special formulation ideal for wooden and metal posts

Uses low CO2 cement

General purpose CEM II Cement

General purpose cement, which is ideal for concrete, mortar, render and screed.

Applications: Cement is recommended for general purpose use in concrete, mortar, render and screed.

Benefits: Compatible for use with a wide range of admixtures and additions

A low CO2 cement

Declared Cr(VI) shelf life shown on bag


Sourced locally from a single supplier.

Our screened Top Soil is available loose collected, or by the builders bag collected.

We transport the topsoil into our depot on our own vehicles, and bag to order. This enables us to oversee and maintain a consistent quality with what is generally a very diverse product. It is not a compost and does not carry any specific grading, it does not contain any additives or chemicals. It is a straightforward screened top soil, widely used for general planting, lawns and flower beds etc. where a “simple straightforward” top soil is required.

We can deliver either loose tipped or by the Bulk Bag.

It is not sold by weight due to the nature of the product, however one machine “bucketful,” is generally equivalent to a tonne, or one Bulk bag.

Larger loads are available, being supplied as an 8 wheeler load, of 20 tonnes approximately, or a half load of 10 tonnes approximately.

Available all year round, & stored under cover at our depot, however we do not recommend Bulk deliveries in times of extreme weather conditions.

We supply direct from our depot, an economy mixed mulch suitable for weed suppression & decorative purposes. With a particle size 40 – 60 mm, this product is FSC certified & is a popular budget mulch for larger garden beds, borders & parks for both domestic & commercial use.

Available loose collect by the cubic metre or by the bulk bag which contains approximately 0.6 m3 , or by the larger cubic metre bag. We can deliver loose by the cubic metre, or in bags, both small & large quantities to Trade & Public.

Contact the office for advice on quantity & price

We supply direct from our depot, a high quality Pine Nugget mix. This product is an FSC certified pine bark consisting of 35-60 mm particle sizes suitable for play areas where appearance as well as safety is important. BS EN 4790 : 1997 Fire Certified and BS EN 1177:2008 this product conforms to the following Critical Fall Height criteria when laid at the following depths.

100 mm – 1.6 metres

200 mm - 4.1 metres

300 mm – 5 metres

It is also a decorative park suitable for larger garden beds, borders & parks

Available loose collect by the cubic metre or by the bulk bag which contains approximately 0.6 m3 , or by the larger cubic metre bag. We can deliver loose by the cubic metre, or in bags, both small & large quantities to Trade & Public.

Contact the office for advice on quantity & price

We supply direct from our depot Play Sand for Sand Pits, Play Areas & Long Jump Pits.

A soft fine yellow silica sand, which conforms to BSEN 1177 for safety & quality. Perfect for childrens play areas, beach sports events, & many other applications where a safe sand surface is required.

Available to collect by the bulk bag 850 kgs approximately, or small bags 20kgs approximately, or delivered bagged or loose. Please contact for advice on quantity & price. Bulk loads also available.

Angular Gravel

Bagged Aggregates at BAGFORCE

Limestone Chippings

Limestone Gravel Shingle

Lincolnshire Flint

Naturally Rounded

BAGFORCE small truck


Pink Granite

Plum Slate

Staffordshire Gravel


BAGFORCE lorry loading Sand




Blanketing Sand

Specifically produced for brushing in between the joints of block paving to prevent lateral movement of the blocks.

Applications : Block paving joints 

Coverage : One Maxipack bag:- Approx. 3-6m2 

Used for the construction of children’s play pits.

Applications: Children play areas

Benefits: Non-staining of children’s clothes

Safe for children

(Adult supervision for children under 36 months is recommended)


De icing Salts at BAGFORCE

Roofing Pebbles


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